Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Wellybix | Bake A Bone Review

Now if you are anything like me, you just love when the Great British Bake Off starts on the TV again. So when Wellybix said about reviewing their Bake a Bone range we just had to say yes. 

Who are Wellybix? 

Wellybix are a UK company based in Teeside. The company, who is run by Alison, and of course chief taste tester Welly the Jack Russell. They sell a range of handmade dog biscuits, their Bake A Bone boxes as well as a range of accessories all dogs need. All of her biscuits are homemade, and some of the ingredients even come from her own garden. All the ingredients contain no artificial colours, preservatives or flavour enhancers and have been approved by a veterinary laboratory. 

What did we receive? 

To tie in with the Bake Off, we really wanted to try out their Bake A Bone range. I always find it really fun baking for Lottie, as I'm not a keen baker having all the dry ingredients needed, really made things easier. 

The idea is that by having the dry ingredients (flour, oats etc) all you have to do is add the wet ingredients which in this case is egg (and water if needed). 

We received their Bake A Bone box, in the Cranberry with Oat and Thyme variety. They also two other varieties which you can check out here

In each box you receive two bags of the dry ingredients and a bone shaped cutter, along with full instructions. 

The instructions are as follows - 
  • Take 1 pack of dry ingredients and stir in 2 whisked eggs - add a little water if needed
  • Mix together to form a dough and roll out onto a floured surface to around 5mm thickness
  • Cut out with cutter provided and place on a lined baking tray
  • Bake in the oven at (160c/140c fan) or gas mark 3 for around 20 minutes, turn carefully over and bake for a further 10 minutes. 
  • Take out of the oven and allow to cool before storing in an airtight container. 
As you can see from the instructions they are really easy to follow and carry out. We managed them with very little problem (apart from adding a little too much water, but that was soon rectified by adding some flour). See our video below, for the full process.

What did we think? 

If you have watched the video above, you will know we loved them! They were super easy to make, and made our kitchen smell divine. Its great to be able to see the ingredients list in the dough. I was also really impressed by the amount of biscuits the dough made, I managed to get around 54 which is great value for the price. Ok, they may be a little more expensive than shop brought biscuits, but at least you know what is in them and we had great fun making them, much better than driving to the shop. 

Lottie defintely gives them a 5 paw rating in her taste test. She just kept begging for more! Ive made her biscuits in the past and she just wouldn't touch them, so clearly these must be very tasty. 

Wellybix are also on social media so be sure to check them out below: 

Wellybix Facebook Page

Wellybix Twitter Page

Wellybix Website 
Love Jessica and Lottie xx

We received a Bake A Bone from Wellybix at no charge in exchange for our honest and fair review of their product. All opinions expressed here are our own and truthful!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Cuffleberry and Co Gourmet Dog Food - Review

We first came across Cuffleberry and Co whilst on Twitter and took interest in their range of gourmet dog food, so when they sent us a hamper to review, we could not wait to see what was inside. 

Who are Cuffleberry and Co? 

At Cuffleberry and Co, they are all cat and dog lovers so recognise and understand that special bond you have with your pet. They want to created the best food they could possibly make, to have make meal times a delight. 

They came up with the recipes in their rural kitchen in the heart of England, and to ensure its the best it can be for your dog, they worked with a team of nutritionists and chefs to help carefully source and select superior ingredients. 

They also feel its important that they not only sell their products, but make them too, so all their own products are made by themselves. 

To create such good quality pet food, they use only the finest meat and fish, and enhance them with the vitamins and minerals that come from vegetable and fruit. They also intensify the flavour of their range with aromatic herbs which also really give that mouth watering flavour, which your dog is bound to enjoy. 

What did they send us? 

In the Cuffleberry and Co range, they offer a can or a foil tray. The cans come in four different varieties containing Chicken, version, pork, ham, duck, vension and beef all with added vegetables and herbs. The foil trays are available in duck, vension, beef, white fish, pork, ham, so there is sure to be a flavour to suit your dogs palate. To see the whole range simply click here. 

In our hamper, we received two foil trays in white fish and beef vension, along with two cans in pork ham and vension duck. 

Our Verdict 
In a simple sentence we love it. No seriously, I know a lot of people say this when they are sent products to review but I will definitely be buying this from now on. I currently use another brand of wet food for Lottie's Kongs and then freeze for those hot summer days, but I will now be using this instead. Not only does it look great from the packaging but the quality is just as good once you open, you can actually see the ingredients stated on the packet in the food. I worry when the food is non descriptive as I think what is actually in here, but not with this. Lottie also loved it which you may think is obvious as she's a dog, but she is the most fussy Westie I know and funnily enough if it isn't good quality she won't eat. 
Obviously this gourmet dog food does come at a higher price than some of the big brand, but personally I would prefer to pay a higher price for better quality. 
The only thing I would like to see if the feeding guide on the back to include kilos as for somebody like myself who doesn't feed a wet food diet daily it can be a little confusing as to how much to feed, but I am sure if you were to contact Cuffleberry and Co they would be more than happy to help. 
Can I try it yet mum?

For our video review and to see Lottie taste testing. Be sure to check out our video posted below. 

Cuffleberry and Co are also on social media so be sure to check them out. 
Love Jessica and Lottie xx 

Sunday, 28 August 2016

PitPat Review - How activity is your pooch?

Just before Christmas the world went mad for a Fitbit, now if you don't know what they are (where have you been?
It's a wearable bracelet for humans that tracks how many steps you walk in the day, as well as sleep and water intake.
The clever team over at PitPat have designed a similar concept but for your pooch.
We met them whilst at Crufts and they very kindly gave us a PitPat to review.

What is a PitPat

Designed in Cambridge and manufactured in the UK. PitPat is an activity monitor for dogs, it gives owners a fun way and engaging way to ensure that your dog is getting the exercise it needs, by keeping a track of its walking, running, playing and resting. 

PitPat attaches to your dog collar using a VELCRO® wrap around attachment meaning it can attach to nearly any collar, as a guide PitPat will fit collars up to 40mm wide and 5mm, and comes with a extenders ideals for larger collars. 

How does it work? 
The device can be synced to a mobile phone by downloading the PitPat app which is available on the IOS and Android stores. The app which is free to all users, allows you to set up a profile for each of your pets Pitpats. This include chartictics such as name, age, breed and weight. The app compares the activity to a daily guideline based on its age, breed and weight then calculates how much exercise your specific breed needs each day. The app then lets you track how much running, walking, playing and resting your pooch has done for that day. It also saves your results from pervious days you can see how active your were for a particular week. Simply pressing the sync button in the middle of the PitPat connect to the app to update it with the latest data. 

Its year long life battery and its waterproof design, means you can keep your PitPat attaches to your pooch at all time, so unlike other activities monitor there is no frustrating inconvenience or downtime for charging. 

The app features three main pages. A profile page that lists all the details about your pet. The current day page which shows show much activity your pooch has done today in minutes and how far you are off reaching your target. The third page shows you a log, this include a break down of the total activeness for the days you have you active along, simply by clicking on a day give you a break down of what exercise was carried out. 

Where to buy?

The PitPat is priced at £39.99 with free delivery. Its available to purchase direct form their website - http://www.pitpatpet.com

Our Verdict

In a short answer we love it. With over half of the dogs population overweight we feel its a great simple tool to help your pooch lose the vital pounds. Even though if your pooch is like Lottie and isn't carry a little extra weight, its still so fun to use. Being only human we can all get a little lazy from time to time, sometimes I will very often feel I have give Lottie plenty of exercise for that day, but without having any way of monitoring you can never be sure. I can see exactly how much we walked and more importantly how much snooze time she has had. As PitPat knows the differences between resting and walking, it also means that when I leave Lottie home alone I know she is having a pleasant snooze dreaming about rabbits, rather than be worrying about when I'm getting home. 

Love Jessica and Lottie 

We received a PitPat from PitPat at no charge in exchange for our honest and fair review of their product. All opinions expressed here are our own and truthful!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Top Collar Review - Healthy Dog Treats Via Post

Whilst at Crufts we met up with some great brands, some of who we were familiar with and some new product to the market. 

We love to see and hear about new products, as if you are anything like me you are always after the latest products for your pooch. 

One of those brands we had not come across before was Top Collar. Now before I explain exactly who they are and what they offer. Here are few photos from when we met them at their Cruft's stand. The lovely Sophia who owns Top Collar, was very happy to met me and Lottie and very kindly gave us some of their Sunday Dinner to review. 
Getting Yummy treats from the Top Collar Stall.  
The lovely Sophia 
Please tell me all those biscuits are mine.

Who is Top Collar I hear you Bark?

Top Collar are a UK based company offering a healthy dog treat subscription service. Top Collar is about keeping your pooch happy and healthy. They only use real human quality ingredients, and use gluten free flour for all their dog biscuits meaning they are great for those with allergies. They also contain no extra sugars, fats, salts or preservatives so are a natural biscuit for your dog.As they contain natural ingredients they don't last as long as commercial treats but they delivery just after bake day so you receive them as fresh as it gets. 

How it works? 

Each box is priced at £5.99 with free postage. It is a no commitment subscriptions meaning you can cancel your subscription at any time from the members area. Boxes are sent out fortnightly on the 12th and 28th of each month, unless you choose a monthly subscription. Once signed up, you have access to the member areas which enables you to alter the frequency of your boxes or pause them for up to 2 months, great if your going on holiday. 

When signing up you have two options to choose from: 

Nutritional Box - great for those pooches who are watching their waste line and want to go healthy as they are lower in fat. 

Discovery Box - tuck into all the recipes on their menu and have a surprise each month.  

Each month, all boxes contain a 130gram resealable treat bag with a health card containing information regarding the receipt of the treats inside, as well as details of what will be included in your next box.

They have 6 different recipes that they choose from - Sunday dinner, Cheese and biscuits, full english, salmon and eggs, pork pie and Chicken Tangine. So there is plenty to keep your pooch interested. 

We were very kindly given a pack of the Sunday Dinner biscuits at Crufts, but as Sophia wanted us to experience the full Top Collar subscription service she also sent us a box of their cheese variety, through the post including their unique feature of Lottie's photos appearing on the box. This variety went down just as well, and I can say that delivery was easy as the box is able to fit threw your letterbox. 

Our Verdict 

Now Lottie is fed on a raw diet swe are always after healthy treats. It evident to see that Lottie loves the treats. You can really tell they are made with wholesome ingredients and don't smell like her old ones. They have plenty of crunch to them which Lottie likes in a biscuit (after all if it doesn't crunch its not a biscuit in our eyes). The resealable packets comes in really handy to keep them fresher for longer. A hassle free subscriptions means you never run of your pooches favourite treats again, and the customtions of the your pooches picture on the box really gives it that homemade feel. They are very reasonable priced for a homemade product and have the added bonus of free delivery. We would highly receommded these treats if you are looking for something natural for your dog diets. 

Love Jessica and Lottie xx

We received two packs of treats from Top Collar at no charge in exchange for our honest and fair review of their product. All opinion expressed here are our own and truthful! 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Chloe Suzanne Designs | Dog Bandanas Review.

Me and mum are all for supporting small businesses, so when a lady that mum has known for a while (from another Facebook group) setup a Esty shop and announced that she would be selling dog accessories, we were both over the moon. 

ChloeSuzanneDesigns, mainly stocks planner and scrapbooking supplies, but has recently ventured into the doggie market since getting a puppy called Archie. She has started by selling handmade dog bandanas, in the most beautiful fabrics. 

She has recently had a 30% sale which has now ended, and mum just had to order me a few to try them out. 

The two designs mum choose, are Pink and White Flamingos, and Seaside Summer fabrics, and they are both gorgeous. Size range from XS to XL so there is sure to be a bandanna to fit your pooch. Price range from £4.50 to £9.00 dependent on size so we feel they are very reasonably priced for a handmade item. 

Ordering was a straight forward process, and you can check out wth Paypal making it super safe. When the bandanas arrived they were packaged in a lovely parcel bag and each order comes with a thank you card, which is lovely little added touch. 

Chloe Suzanna Designs Etsy shop can be found by clicking here. The dog accessories section of her shop can be found by clicking here. She also has a Instagram account for her shop which can be found by clicking here. Chloe's gorgeous Yorkshire Terrier called Archie also has his own Facebook page and Instagram account and blog, it would be great if you could all follow him, he's such a cutie and has lots of greats posts. 
Our order from ChloeSuzanneDesigns 
Strike a pose 
The Summer Seaside Fabric.
The Pink and White Flamingo Fabric.  
The Front (Top photo) and Back (Bottom photo) and the thank you card we received. 

Love Jessica and Lottie xxxx

These products were purchased with our own money. All opinion expressed here are our own and truthful! 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Playdate - Lottie meets Jess.

Our next door neighbors have had a 7 month old puppy, a Whippet called Jess.

That's great news for me as I get a new doggie friend. We had our first Playdate last week and although I was a little coward and sat by mum when Jess got a little bouncy we got on really well.

Here are a few photos and videos to show you what we got up to,

  Love Lottie xxx

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Fine Dining for Dogs from Fish4Dogs | Squid Bites and Calamari Rings Product Review.

Now you guys know how much Lottie loves her food. So when Fish4Dogs approached us about reviewing their recently launchd luxury treat range, Lottie could not wait for them to arrive. 

Who are Fish4Dogs? 

As the name suggest it all evolves round fish. Fish4dogs offer a high end range of treats and complete based kibble for dogs. They are a small independent company based in Worcestershire. The idea behind Fish4Dogs was to use, productively, waste from the fish industry. Humans only eat 50% of the fish despite the rest being perfectly nutritious. All the fish used is sourced from Norway, which offers clean clear waters. A well regulated and controlled fisheries industry allows high quality fish with excellent sustainability credentials.

What did they send us?

Fish4Dogs have just launched a new range of luxury calamari treats for dogs. These treats bring the wonders of sophisticated fine dining to the canine world. Made from oven baked squid there are two products within the range.

Calamari Ring Treats - made from 100% oven baked squid. These treats are ideal if you want to know exactly what goes into the treats you are feeding your dog. As the name suggest they are formed into rings so are ideal to give as a extra treat before bedtime.

Squid Bites - also made from oven baked squid these treats are definitely going to wet your dogs appetite. Containing three simple ingredients - Squid 92%, Vegetables 5% and Glycerine 3% (made from palm tree so completely natural and safe). They are soft, so are easily broken up making them ideal for high value training treats.

Our Verdict

Now I must admit I'm not a big fish eater myself so I would  never dreamt of buying baked squid as a treat for Lottie, but once she tried them she loved them. I had to put the leftovers high up so she could not get to them! The squid bites are definitely a favourite in our household as they are ideal for clicker training, although Lottie would never refuse the Calamari rings either! The only thing I would say about them, is obviously because they are fish, they are stinky! Which although may bother the humans, makes them even more high value for the dogs. With simple natural ingredients along with the ethical sourcing of the fish these treats are top doggy products in our eyes.

To discover the full Fish4Dogs range head over to their website by clicking here.

Love Jessica and Lottie xx

We received two packs of treats from Fish4Dogs at no charge in exchange for our honest and fair review of their product. All opinion expressed here are our own and truthful!