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The Full Story

About us 

Who are we? 

So if you new our here, im Jessica (the human) and this is Lottie my 12 year old West Highland White Terrier. I am a full time wheelchair user and have a disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 3 (which basically means brittle bones). Ive decided to create this website to house all the knolwedge I've learnt over the last 12 years and to support other disabled dog owners.


How did we get here?

I got Lottie in 2011 and she is my first dog. I thought it would be all plain sailing and the best time of my life. As Lottie grew I had questions 'what lead do disabled dog owners use?'. Like everyone these days I turned to sical media and online but after searching and searching, I couldnt find anyone like us. I either came across able bodied dog owners or assistance dog owners, neither of which is me. So Waggy Tales was born, I thought if I cant find the content I will create it. Since then we've spend 12 years advocating for disabled dog owner, creating content to show what is possible and most importantly recommendation on products which are great for dsiabled dog owners. 


I wanted to create this website as the home for all my knowledge that I gained over the last 12 years. To create that website that I was desperately looking for 12 years ago..

My goal is create a hub that disabled (and actually none disabled) dog owners can access for all your dogs needs. Whether you are a new dog owner and are looking for recommendations of enrichment toys or you are a disabled dog owner and are desperately looking for a lead to work for you then I hope to have it all here.


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