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A must have essential for disabled dog owner and all dog owners alike

We did a review post of this way back in 2014 (10 years ago now!) on our old blog. 


We found Grippy Leads at Crufts and are so grateful we did. We purchased our first lead ion 2014 and it's still the same one we use today! 


Before I found Grippy Leads I had struggled with so many different types of leads, and would normally end up with half of it wrapped around my hand, and the blood supply really felling the pinch b the time we got home. So back in 2014 we were really hoping Grippy Leads would answer all our prayers. 


It answered my prayers and so much more! The main idea of the lead is that it has loops along the lead so you can simply use the loop you wish to use to suit the degree of control or freedom required. 


I am able to fasten the first loop to my wheelchair seat belt and then use a cabariner clip lower down to secure another loop meaning hand free walking. 


We have the 5 loop version but they also a 6 loop version too. It has a metal clip to attach to a collar r or harness and a d-ring ring at the handle end. The material is soft and doesn’t cause me any rubbing of mu hands, and the lead is light enough for Lottie to pick up if I drop it. 


They do a range of colours and can be personalised with words if you wish. 


you wish to use to suit the degree of control or freedom required.

It's been delivered!

I arrived home from a shopping trip and there on the door mat was a parcel, I was hoping it would be the Grippy lead I ordered and it was!

In my eyes Grippy leads are an essential for any dog owner but for us they hold that special place, and have solved so many of our dog walking problems.

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