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Taggy Tails

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Taggy tails is a small pet ID tag business based in Derbyshire in the UK. They specialise in Polymer Clay products. Lauren is dedicated to creating beautiful, practical, stylish tags for your pooch (or cat). 

Alll tags are handmade with a choice of ready to ship designs, or have a favourite collar or harness why not have a custom tag to match. 

Not only do these tags make any dog look stylish they are practical and disabled friendly . Lauren offers a range of different clasp types to attach the tag to the collar so regardless of your motor skills there will be something to suit you. 


Custom Tags

Lottie is wearing a custom tag to match a Harry and Ginny bandana, the possibilities really are endless. 


Natural treats 

Taggy Tails also stock a range of natural treats so whatever your fogs taste buds, there will sure be something for them to enjoy. 

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