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Crufts - Press Members

Updated: Mar 5

We going to be members of press We are pleased to announce (especially on the launch of our website) that not only are we going to Crufts, but we are going to be members of the press!

What an amazing opportunity.

I reached out to the team to see if they wanted to work with us again to create some content around visiting Crufts as a disabled person, and they said yes!

We cant quite believe it! From starting this little Facebook page and Instagram account 10 years ago to what it has become today, we sometimes cant believe it.

I feel honoured to be paving the way for disabled dog owners, and I have always said if I can help one person, my job is done! So to be able to attend Crufts as members of the press is amazing!

If you see us, feel free to come and say hi!.

Cant wait to met people and put faces to names, not just dogs!.

See you there!

A photo of when it all began!

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