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We are back.

Updated: Feb 28

Who thought we would be back blogging. So for the OG followers here, you will know that this isn't our first blog. We started blogging way back in 2014 on a very popular blogging platform, we had lots of fun along the way and then in 2018 we stopped and decided to focus purely on our social media as we felt times has changed and blogging wasn't the 'in thing' anymore.

Since then all my effort has been ploughed into our social media. But last week we reached quite a few other disabled dog owners who asked me various questions on all things owning a dog with a disability. I thought how cool would it be to have a website where all the information is one accessible place for people to reach.

And bam here we are here. So we are back.

Obviously this is in the very early stages at the moment but you can expect lots of information, blog, product recommendation, accessible walks and so much more.

Here's to a new chapter.

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