Published on May 20th 2022

What are zoomies?

Zoomies in dogs are a sign of excess energy, and are usually good for their physical and emotional health.

Zoomies can be triggered by a multitude of things, most commonly the excitement of someone entering the house or playing with another dog companion.

Zoomies serve as an outlet for pent-up energy that is untouched by more intense exercise like running around in your backyard. Dogs usually have zoomies several times per day when they’re young puppies, but they tend to get less frequent as they grow older because adults may not react as enthusiastically to their antics. Dogs that are extremely playful and energetic may be more likely to have zoomies. Dogs that didn’t get adequate stimulation and exercise when they were young puppies may have a harder time controlling their energy levels as adults, and may be more likely to have a lot of zoomies as a result.

People are usually able to tell when their dog is about to go into a state of zooming – their eyes will start to look rather unfocused, and they may act super excited. Dogs will usually start out at a normal pace of walking or running, but then gradually pick up the speed until they’re going as fast as their legs can possibly carry them.

If zoomies are something that your dog does often, it’s best to let them out in a fenced yard or on a leash so they won’t be able to get too far away from their owners. When dogs zoom around in places where they aren’t restrained, it can be more difficult to manage the situation – for example, if the dog gets too far away and will not come back immediately when called.

Are zoomies bad?

Zoomies are usually a sign of good dog health. They tell owners that their dog is happy, healthy, and has the proper amount of exercise and stimulation. Zoomies only typically last for about a minute or two; after that point, the dog will probably calm down.