Published on May 13th 2022

Owning a dog in London

There is nothing worse than being a dog lover and not owning a dog. After a hard days work, something all you want to do is curl up into a ball with your furry friend. After all, dogs are said to be man’s best friend. No wonder, many are drooling over owning one. However, being a dog owner requires more than just you being in love with dogs. There are a lot of factors to consider one of them being the place that you live.

Some places are just permissive to owning dogs. They have liberal minds and there are no strict laws to follow, yet others are places which are considered a bad place to own a dog. One of these is London.

Since London is an expensive city, people tend to rent their homes or flats rather than owning one. Thus, owning a dog in London can be challenging too because renters who own pets will depend on the regulations implemented in their accommodations. They might be limited on taking care of their pets due to some restrictions, or worst they may not be allowed to have one in their rented flats. Although having a dog is permitted in some rented properties, there is often regulations around it, one of which is that you should have a well-behaved dog (which as a beagle owner, I know can be very hard).

If you are lucky enough that your landlord allows pets. London is a great place for a dog. You can take your pooch to many different pubs and restaurants, they can run freely in many gardens and spots, and there are even lots of cool doggy cafes. London is a city that cares for your dog’s welfare.

Walking a dog in London

Although London is a very busy city, walking a dog in London is not a problem at all. London has a lot of parks and gardens which are pet-friendly,-filled with adventures, and are perfect places to walk your furry friend. Some of these places are Greenwich Park, Hyde Park, Crystal Palace Park, and Hampstead Heath.

How expensive it is to buy a dog in London?

After considering all the needed things you have to consider on owning a dog, you must now know what breed of dog you want to have and where will you buy one? You can go search for different breeds of dogs that suit your taste and personality. There are plenty of websites you can purchase a puppy or adult dog from authorised and safe breeders. Buying a dog will cost you between 200 to 3000+ pounds depending on the breed and demand.

Though buying an adorable little puppy can be exciting, adopting one might be a thing to consider since it is way cheaper and it serves a better purpose. Imagine giving a new home and a family to a dog that needs your attention and love. That’s so heartwarming! You also get additional benefits for adopting like vaccination, pet insurance, and starter guides for pet caring. Thus, adopting a dog is a good choice too.

Whether you buy or adopt a dog, owning one in London is worth the time, money, and effort you spent for them. London might not be the best place to own a dog but it is certainly viable.