Published on May 12th 2022

Do dogs dream?

If you own a dog, you may have noticed that your companion makes strange noises at night like growling or whimpering. Sometimes you may notice your dogs ears twitch or tail wag while they are asleep. Has it ever crossed your mind that your dog may be dreaming? If dogs could dream, do you wonder what they might dream about?

Dreams come from things that our mind has stored throughout the day. As we go through our day and encounter different people, places, or things, our mind is constantly filling away little bits and pieces of information. When the mind shuts down or sleeps after so long, it will eventually enter a state of sleep called REM.

REM Is the deepest state of sleep. The period in which your dreams occur. Scientist ran experiments on dogs to see if they dreamed, and what they found out was that dogs slip into the same state of sleep as humans, called REM. If this is the case, then when your dog is twitching or can’t stop moving its legs while sleeping, it probably means that your companion has slipped into REM and is dreaming.

So, what do dogs dream about?

Unfortunately, our dogs can’t tell us what they are dreaming about, but if they could, it would most likely consist of things they do daily. So, when you think your dog is” chasing rabbits”, in its sleep, it most likely is.

Why does my dog move so much in it’s sleep?

When a human brain and in this case, a dog goes to sleep and slips into the deep state of REM, our brain has a thing called POS. What POS does is stop our larger muscles reacting to things when we are in this state of sleep. Without POS, we would be acting out everything we were seeing about. This explains the twitching in babies and small dogs. Larger human and dogs have been able to develop more and can control their muscles by POS better than small babies or pups.

Don’t worry about trying to wake your dog from these dreams, they are not damaging to them. As a matter of fact, it is dangerous for you to wake a dog that’s sleeping because you may get bitten. As the saying goes, “let sleeping dogs lie”.

Now that we know that our dog is actually dreaming other than just doing unexplained weird things, then we will probably both be able to sleep better. You can rest knowing your dog is sleeping well, having nice dreams of playing a game of fetch in the park or chasing the kids around the yard.