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Waggy Tales

Navigating dog ownership with a disability 



Our Story

Welcome to Waggy Tales. I am Jessica and this is Lottie who is a 12 year old West Highland White Terrier. 

I am a committed dog parent who is also a full time wheelchair user. 

I got Lottie back in 2011 for my 21st birthday. I have always wanted a dog and pretty much ended up with every other animal possible but before my 21st I told my mum I was buying my first dog and the rest is history as they say. 

Becoming a dog owner with a disability wasn't as straight forward as I thought as I experienced a lot of judgement, discrimination and ultimately a lot of 'no's'. 

This is who Waggy Tales was born, I searched and searched online and social media for other accounts like me who were disabled and owned a dog, but my searches only came back with either assistance dog owners or able bodied dog owners, neither of which I fitted into too. Hence Waggy Tales was born. 

Ive spent the last 12 years advocating for disabled dog owners, providing tips and tricks, showing a vast amount of people what is possible with a disability, sharing product recommendations and ultimately having fun. 

We started a blog way back in 2012 but took a break and focused more on our social media. Now we are back with a brand new website and more ideas than ever. Come join us on this incredible journey with us and let's see where it takes us. 

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