Thursday, 22 October 2015

Halloween Gift Guide | Costumes and more...

Whether you agree or not with Halloween, each year it seems to become a mini like christmas event. With costumes, decorations and food related products, Halloween has definitely become a big hit.

To be honest I have varied opinions on the dressing up of dogs. Whilst I have seen many a friends dog, parade about in a spider themed costume. I do understand the side of the debate that argues that no dog should ever be treated like a doll. My best advice be lead by your dog, if you dog clearly hates the idea of being a devil dog for the night, then under no circumstances is it fair to let them wear it. If however like Lottie you like to parade around the house strutting their stuff then if used with common sense are completely fine.

With so many different costumes on the market it can be difficult knowing which one to buy, or where the best deals are? Never despair, below is out top five dog Halloween costumes which not only look great but are all at a affordable price too.

1 - Wag-A-Tude Orange Jack-O-Face Green Points Dog Sweater - £10 (Regardless of size) 

This is a classic and was our choice of costume last year. Keep your dog warm and cosy in this festive Orange Jack-O-Face Green Points Sweater, complete with 3D green knit leaves and black bells. We feel this is very reasonablee priced as regardless of size is £10. 

2 - Wag-A-Tude Black Red Devil Dog Headpiece and Tail Costume Set - £5.00 

This is great for those doggie's that aren't keen on a full costume but still want to get involved. Show off your dog's devil-ish side in the Black Red Devil Headpiece and Tail Costume Set. Which includes a Black devil headpiece (including 3D red horns!) with an elastic strap for comfortable fit, plus a Black tail (featuring 3D red devil tip!) with a velcro closure around the waist for an adjustable fit.

3 - Canine & Co - Red Devil Costume - From £14.00 

This cute little devil outfit will ensure your pet looks Spooktactular. Pawfect for any party, fancy dress, trick or treating or just for fun! This is a great options for those larger four legged friends as the size goes right up to 5xl. 

4 - Dogs & Co Halloween Dog Fancy Dress Costume Spider - from £19.99 

Despite this being the most expensive of all of the option we think it super cute. This great fun dog costume is complete with an attached hood with big (friendly!) googly eyes. Long legs that are bendy and a large padded abdomen.

5 - Lion Mane Wig for Dog - from £4.49 

Ok, ok I know this isn't a traditional halloween costume but there is definitely a big trend this year to wear a less spooky outfit. This Lion costume transforms your little friend into a Lion Dog! which will  definitely be the talk of any halloween party. 

Of course dressing up is not for everybody dog and we don't feel it fair that they should miss out on the Halloween celebrations. So these products are all a great alternative and will still give your dog so much fun. 

Squeaky Halloween Dog Toy - Pumpkin - £0.99 

Spooky Halloween Spider Dog Toy - £2.99 

Squeaky Halloween Dog Toy - Bone - £0.99

We hope this Halloween gift guide give you plenty of inspirations to make sure your pooch has the best Halloween. Will you dog be getting dressed up this year? How will you spend Halloween? 

Lottie and Jessica 


Monday, 19 October 2015

Protextin Pro-Fibre For Dogs | All you need to know

After Lottie's tummy troubles I have decided to invest in some Protexin Pro-Fibre for Dogs. Yesterday we posted a picture on our Facebook Page, which promoted a few questions, so to answer all those question you may have we thought it was best to do a blog post about it. 

If like me you have never heard of Protextin Pro-Fibre before, don't despair neither I had! I like many, like to keep up to date in the doggie health world, but with so much controversy it can be difficult to know what supplements are best. 

Last week Lottie had a typical tummy bug and a few of our Facebook followers did recommended Protextin Pro-Fibre to help. At our next vet appointment I happened to mention Protextin to see what our vet thought. 

Lottie has had problems with her anal glands in the past, not nice but that what being a dog owner is all about. She normally has to have them emptied quite frequently. The vet thought it was a great idea to try some and was able to provide us with a tub to take home, unexpectedly it is reasonable priced costing around £15.00 for a 500g which based on our daily amount will last us 50 days! 

Protextin Pro-Fibre is very much like us taking a probiotic. It is designed to be given daily, which can help to promote efficient digestion and avoid the problems associated with insufficient dietary fibre.  Lottie is fed on a dry kibble and I didn't actually realise that a lot of modern dog can actually leave dogs with insufficient fibre in their diet which can lead to problems such as impaction of the anal glads and coprophagia. 

Its really easy and simple to give. It comes with a  scoop and dependent on your dogs weight varies the number of scoops you feed. For Lottie it's 10g which is one scoop once a day. 

It suggests that you give it over their normal food allowance as it is meant to be very palatable to dogs, however Lottie being the fussy little madam she is, she didn't like it. After some tips found online I am now giving it in her tea in a small amount of soft cheese and water(normally a cheese triangle). 

Even though Lottie has only being on it for a few days I have definitely noticed a different in her stools (they are bigger and firmer). Hopefully it will also mean that she won't need those pesky anal glads seeing to as much. We will report back on that when we visit the vets next. 

If you want to find out more information about Protextin Pro-Fibre click here. 

Woofs and Kisses, 
Jessica and Lottie 

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