Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Doggie Vlog - Wordless Wednesday

You watched the likes of Sacconejoly and Zoella but they have nothing on the likes of this canine. Mum had a great idea last week of filming our first vlog for my Youtube channel. 

Filming commenced on the Sunday and both me and mum had a great. She wasn't so much for the editing though which took forever! Finally the video was ready to go live at 6pm on Monday.

We would love us if you could view my first doggie vlog below. Don't forget to paw that like button, leave us a comment and subscribe if your new.

Woofs and Kisses, 
Jessica and Lottie xox 



  1. I love blogs because I get to hear the bloggers voice. It somehow makes me feel a little closer to the person whose words are so familiar. I think you did a nice job. Congrat's

    1. Thanks very much it was great fun, but a lot of hard word!


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