Sunday, 8 February 2015

Ditry Dawg!

Before mum lets you know what I got up today. She wants to apologies for the lack of updates. things have been really hectic over the last few months. Lots of hospital visit along with trying to complete her degree has meant very little spare time. She brought a new shiny Macbook Pro over the weekend so blogging will be become much easier from now on! Anyway, less of that and more about me!

I love Sunday's. We either spend them lounging on the sofa watching disney films or, long country walks. Luckily for me we did the latter today!

Mum says that due to my paws I cant spend much time on grass in the winter as I tend to lick them afterwards (its not my fault they are itchy!).

As a special treat mum decided to let me have a good roll around, and roll around I did.

Here's my Sunday in picture (and a few videos).



  1. Lottie, you look so pleased to be so grubby!

  2. Uh oh. All that work to get dirty and now you have to get cleaned up. Bummer ;)

  3. Lottie, has your mum tried you with boots? The boots may help protect your feet from whatever is bothering you and then you could have all the walks you'd like!

  4. Lottie, you are so cute! I am so sorry about your itchy paws! My dog, Zoe, also suffers from that from the wet grass and we live in Oregon so it's always wet! She will usually get red and oozing paws and then she licks them and she gets a secondary infection. We've been battling it for 3.5 years now. This time of year is so hard on her. I finally ended up breaking down and buying her boots. She wears them any time it's wet outside. She hates them but I've been able to clear up all of her paws.

  5. You're very brave rolling in the snow! Mom gives me Benadryl if I lick my paws too much, in case your mom has never tried that. The worst part of having fun getting dirty is the bath! Love Doly


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