Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wordless Wednesday - almost | Lumps and Bumps

Firstly we need to apologies. Blogging has taken a back seat over the last week. I have started back to University along with a work placement. Things have been a bit hectic to say the least!

As you guys will know from our Facebook page, Lottie has had a rough time over the last few weeks. It all started with the Vet finding a lump which had to be investigated. She had a biopsy done which came clear (thank goodness). Although the Vet did say that it would need to be removed as the lump would just get bigger. She had the operation last Friday and things went well.

She recovered well from the anaesthetic so was allowed home the same day. We definitely had a groggy little doggy that night. She just slept, slept and slept some more. Needles to say she woke up the next day feeling fine. Until her stitches come out in 2 weeks time she has to be calm! CALM! How can I possibly keep a three year old Westie calm? She can't jump so the sofa is off limits. Walks are restricted to five minutes, so we have a very hyper doggy at the moment.

Lottie is her t shirt to stop her scratching

She has been really good at taking at her medication which is a big relief. Of course the best medicine is lots of cuddle and believe me she has had more than her share over the last few days.

Now things are getting back to normal I can start to get back into a routine with Uni and the work placement so should be able to get more blog posts written.

We hope you guys are all OK?

Jessica and Lottie

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  1. Momma and I understand blogging having to take a backseat...that's happened with us too lately.

    That lump sounds scary, but glad it was nothing and that Lottie is already on the mend!

  2. Oh Lottie, I'm so glad you are okay! She looks like she is on the up-and-up and feeling better already! :)

  3. Oh Lottie I am glad to hear you are recovering! Be a good girl and take it easy for mom. Love Dolly

  4. Glad to hear everything is ok, rest up!


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