Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Almost | In a spin.

We shared this post on our Facebook page this morning, but thought it deserved to be featured on the blog too.

If you follow our Facebook page you guys will know that Lottie has a lump on her back. She had investigations on Monday and we are currently waiting for the results. When she came back from the vets she was very groggy and clearly didn't feel very well.

Today however, was a completely different story. She woke up bright and early and couldn't wait to go out for an early morning walk. We had time for a cuddle in the sunshine before I had to go the hospital for an appointment.

Once I arrived home we did our daily training session. We like to learn practical tricks as well as some that are fun. At the moment I am teaching her to spin right and left.I thought it would be great to share a video of our progress so far. 

Our left spin is coming on great, but as you can see we have some way to go with the right spin. I dont't know if your dog does this, but if Lottie isn't sure of what I am asking her to do she does every trick she knows in the hope that one of them has to be right. Of course it makes great viewing for us humans. 

Does your dog know any clever tricks? 

Jessica and Lottie 

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  1. Hey Jess and Lottie, I am sooo please she is feeling better today but we have our paws crossed all tests come back fine! I couldn't watch your videos because they said they were private but my girl pups turn around on the spot (on their hind legs) when I ask them to 'dance'!
    Hugs, Carrie and pups x

    1. Hey Carrie and Pups. Sorry I accidentally made the videos private. You should be able to view them now. Thanks for stopping by.


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