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Wordless Wednesday - Almost | The BEST News.

For any of you that follow our Facebook page, you will be well aware of what a worrying time we have had over the last two weeks.

Lottie went to the Vets for her routine check-up. As part of this they scan her microchip to make sure it hasn’t moved dramatically or gotten lost. As the Vet got the scanner out I made a comment on how easy it would be find her as she had a lump of her back. I naively thought nothing of the lump as when Lottie was 6 months old the nurse had told us ‘don’t worry it’s just her microchip, it sometimes happens’.

What the Vet said next is something all animal owners dread! ‘I don’t think it’s her chip, you can’t normally feel them’ he replied. He then explained that it would need to be investigated further. He measured it and also said Lottie would need to come in to have a sedation so that X rays and a biopsy could be carried out.

How could I possible feel any worse? I had all sorts of thoughts flying around my head. What if the lump was something nasty and I have ignored for years because of the information I was told from the nurse. What if it has spread and would no longer response to treatment? Lottie was booked in for a week’s time. I was very adamant that nobody was going to know until we had the final result. The more I talked about it the more it upset me. So I figured it was best put into the back of my mind.

I starved Lottie the night before as per the instructions. Of course Lottie was completely oblivious about what was going on and just thought I was been extra mean when she didn’t get her night time biscuit as usual. She was still completely oblivious the next morning when I dropped her off at the vets, she just wagged her tail as normal when the nurse took her off into a sideroom. If only I had that privilege.

That day seem to last forever! When the receptionist did eventually ring, she informed me that Lottie was awake and had come round from the sedation very well but was just very groggy.

I felt so sorry for her when the nurse brought her out, she was trying so hard to let me know she was pleased to see me. But was so desperate to catch up on some more sleep, only managed a brief hello.

The receptionist informed us that the results would take between 7-10 days to come back. What? How could I possibly wait this long?

What I hadn’t thought about when I was been so adamant about not telling anybody, was that when they had taken the biopsy they had to shave a substantial amount of her fur from around the lump leaving a big bald patch on her back. How was I going to take photographs of Lottie for our Facebook page without you guys noticing?

After taking a few shots of Lottie sleeping in her bed once we got home. I soon realised it was impossible for the bald patch to be hidden. So, I decided to write a short post explaining that the Vet has found a lump, biopsies had been taken and we were now just waiting for the results.
Lottie after she came back from the Vets.
Lots of comment flooded in wishing us good luck and telling us that they hoped Lottie would be OK.


We got the results back yesterday and its clear! The Vet rang me to explain that there is nothing nasty in the lump and it isn’t any form of the dreaded C word! Thank goodness for that! The most likely explanation is a cyst that has burst inside rather than out and its Lottie natural way of fighting it. Unfortunately though it doesn’t quite end there. She has got to have the lump removed which is happening next Friday. She should be in as a day case providing she recovers well from the aesthetic. It also routine that they then send the removed lump off for testing again, but the Vet is quite sure it will come back with the same result.

What a traumatic couple of weeks we have had. Something I NEVER want to go through again in a hurry.

Thank you to all our friends who have wished us well with Lottie. I will be sure to keep up guys updated after the operation.

Of course Lottie isn’t as affected. She just thinks I’m been extra nice at the moment with all the extra cuddles. She definitely deserves them though!
Enjoying cuddles with Mum.
Have you guys ever experience finding a lump of your pet?
Jessica and Lottie

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  1. Even with the bald patch, your dog is simply stunning. I'm so glad for you two that the results were clear.


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