Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tasty Tuesday | Doggy Liver Cake.

We have a great programme here in the UK called The Great British Bake Off. It got me thinking. Maybe I should bake for Lottie, when a recipe came up in one of the magazines I am a regularly subscriber too. I just
had to get started.

I am a very fussy eater and  liver is something I have never tried (And don't think I ever will!). Lottie however, isn't so particular and as long as it smells good she generally like it.

Here the recipe for the liver cake I made:


1lb (375g) of liver (pigs or lambs - lamb's is better)
6 Medium tablespoons of stoneground flour.
6 tablespoons of milk
2 eggs

Optional Extra's 
1 Oxo cube per 1lb of liver
Big handful of grated cheese
1 teaspoon of Marmite (Dilut this with milk)

  • Blend the liver until it has a very runny, liquid consistency! 
  • Add the flour and blend again. 
  • Add the rest of the ingredients and blend again. 
  • Leave to stand for 10 minutes. 
  • Heavily grease a baking tin a Swiss roll tin is idea. (I used grease proof paper instead) 
  • Pour in mixture 
  • Cook in the oven for 10-12 minutes on 180 degrees (Gas mark 4) or until you can put a knife in the centre and it comes out clean. 
  • Leave to cool on a cooling rack 
  • Cut into tibit-sized chucks and freeze. (Once frozen you can give to your dog frozen or thaw before hand, whatever your dog prefers). 

The recipe in picture (Warning some of the pictures look disgusting!)

Four simple ingredients

Blended liver
All the blended ingredients 
Mum, is it ready yet? 
The finished result 
I only used the basic ingredients for the version I made. I didn't want to waste too many things if Lottie didn't like it. How wrong could I be. She loves it! On the next batch I will definitely be giving some of the added extras a try. This cake is easy is make (Only took me about 30 minutes) and is hassle free. Even if you are a novice baker like me, you can't go wrong with this! The only down side is the smell, its rather stinky both raw and cooked. However, due to the smell its great as a high value treat for training such as recall.

What do you guys think? Have you ever baked for your dog? 
Jessica and Lottie

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  1. I LOVE liver, as do my dogs, but blending it - hmm. Can't think I'd do it. :)


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