Sunday, 28 September 2014

Black and White Sunday | Your turning into a right geek mum!

Sunday's they are made for lie in's, right? Well, this Sunday was no exception. A tradition in this household is Lottie comes through to my bedroom at around 8am, jumps onto my bed and has a sleep until I get up at around 9am.Well this Sunday followed the same routine as normal, expect Lottie was perhaps more comfy than usual as she conveniently used one of my teddies as a pillow. Honestly I'm sure she think she is human sometimes!

We had a lovely Sunday dinner at Nana's followed by a sit out in the garden. It's been lovely today here.

When we arrived home Lottie was determined to get me to play with her. I unfortunately was distracted with Uni work, she didn't let me get one for long though. First she sat in her toy box as if to say "Maybe if I sit in it she will think I'm so cute she will just have to play with me". When that didn't work she emptied the entire box and sat inside it performing tricks. Maybe she thought I wouldn't be able to resist her then. Her third and final attempt was to pick her favourite toy, known as 'Spacehopper' and carry it around it with her everywhere I went.


I had so much fun watching her trying to get me to play. She won! We had a quick game of fetch before I carried on with my studies.

She seemed quite content once she had played fetch and lay down beside my desk for the rest of the afternoon.

We hope you guys all had a great Sunday too?

Jessica and Lottie

We're participating in the Black And White Sunday Blog Hop hosted by Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever - thanks again, guys!



  1. Great FUN photo :-) Great Sunday! Golden Woofs

  2. OMD, dat first photo are just so cute!

  3. OMD she is so cute! How do you resist her? Love every single one of these!

  4. Lottie really wanted to play how could you resist her? She has some great tricks with the toy box I wish I could use those! I hope you have more time to play with her next time. Love Dolly

  5. Fun, cute and perfect in black and white! Our Sunday was exciting too but there wasn't such a good rest at the end!

  6. Beautiful shots - happy belated B&W Sunday!


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