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Great Treats and Toys | Pet Shops Bowl Retailer Review.

What dog owner doesn't love a good bit of doggy retail shopping. I certainly do! So we were over the moon when Pet Shop Bowl wanted us to team up for a review.

Clearly Lottie couldn't wait to see what is inside
We revived lots of goodies!
So who are Pet Shop Bowl?
If like me you haven't heard of them before don't despair we have all the info you need right here! Here's what they have to say about the company.

PetShopBowl is a nationwide home delivery subscription service to pet food. We are a young company with a team of friendly, helpful staff dedicated to saving you time and money. All of our staff are pet owners so we understand the needs of other pet parents.
They have an easy to use website and like most original pet companies stock a vast range of product even including a 99p store great for those on a budget. However, the option you don't get with most 'original ' pet companies is their unique concept known as Bottomless Bowl which is offered at the checkout.
We all have a busy lifestyle, its unfortunately just the way of the world these days. If like me you are trying to juggle full time study, a work placement and taking care of your dog, you will know what a challenge that can be! This is where Bottomless Bowl comes in. Now Lottie isn't a huge eater and our vet says some smalls dog simply aren't, but if like a friend of ours you have a Labdorder you life will be very different. Food, they just can't get enough of the stuff. Several times she has had to go out in the wet and windy night time weather, to pop out to a convenience store to fetch some dog food as she has run out. This need not be the case anymore - Bottomless Bowl is a simple reordering service. They understand all dogs have a different appetite so offer any frequency from 2 - 12 weeks. But I hear you ask, what if there is a price increase ,well there's no hidden price rises. If the price of a product that you have subscribed to happens to increase, they will contact you to make sure that you still want to continue with your subscription, it really is that simple! They offer free UK delivery on all orders over the value of £19.99, as well as using a courier service which means you can change delivery time or day to whenever suits you best (When we were expecting our delivery I changed it to the next day with no hassle whatever so ever!).
Gone are the days of standard computers instead we live in a world of smartphones and tablets, Pet Shop Bowl realise this and have created a handy app that can be downloaded on both IOS and Android app stores so you can place an order from any mobile device. If your If like me and your mobile phone is so often in your hand it might as well be glued there, this app will definitely be worth a download.
So what did we receive in our huge goody box?
Medium red Kong Classic (£7.13) Before I had even brought Lottie home all our doggy friends were telling me you MUST buy a Kong, now we understand why. It has been our savour! It was great to keep Lottie occupied as a puppy and even now as an adult dog. We also use it every time I leave her home alone and have had no separation anxiety issues. If you are a dog owner are not familiar with a Kong, where have you been? Kong's come in several different sizes and strengths (All of which Pet Bowl Shop sell) so are suitable for most breeds. It's a hollow cone shaped dog toy that can be stuffed with all sorts of treats and pastes to keep your dog occupied, they can also be frozen to give them an extra challenge.
Lily's Kitchen Grain- Free Wild Woodland Walk Dry Dog Food 1kg (£6.49) We love Lily's kitchen in this house and Lottie has two of her bedtime biscuits each night. We knew they did a range of healthy dog treats but wasn't aware they sold dry dog food. This variety is made using freshly prepared vension, duck and salmon from the Great British countryside together with healthy vegetables and botanical herbs. It's also a grain- free recipe which is ideal for doggies with sensitives. I used it as treats for Lottie's clicker training session, as its not a good idea to change a dogs food suddenly. The results were great and Lottie loved it, she couldn't wait for the treat and worked extra hard to get the next piece! The range also includes a puppy variety, they both come in a wide range of flavors so there will sure be something to suit every taste bud. The full range can be found here.
Almo Nature Daily Menu (375g Pack, £0.90). For Lottie's every day meals we tend to stick to a dry dog food, as the Westie breed can become quite messy around the face area which can lead to sores on their lips. This doesn't mean we don't use wet dog food. As ed above I give Lottie a Kong every time I go out and by using treats it can soon add up the calories. I then heard of a great tip from a doggy friend. Why not use wet food and freeze it, this is what we do now so I get through a lot! We haven't heard of Almo Nature before but after some research it reads a better wet dog food than the one we currently use. Don't let the price hinder you exceptions on quality it has up to 50% premium meats, fresh vegetables and no artificial flavors, additives or preservatives. The packaging is a handy, easy to open Tetra Pak which once opened easily fits in your fridge door helping to save on shelf space.

Lottie isn't a verygood traveler and suffer from car sickness. With age this hasimproved but unless she is traveling in her car crate in theboot we have still have a very sicky dog! These bones size treats areideal for stressful situations such as a visit to the vet,car journeys, fireworks etc. On our next trip out I decided to testthe treats to see if Lottie's behavior was any different duringthe journey. I gave her 8 of the bones as they are really low incalories at just 3.5 per treat. The results were quite amazing,she definitely seemed more relaxed duringthe journey and lay down quite happily until we arrived.These biscuits are full of goodness, they are handbaked, gluten free and include lamb, calamine which helpsaid relaxation as well L-tryptophan which gives you the 'feel good'factor. They also come in a range of flavors which all contain activeingredients for a specific purpose. See the full range here.
Our Verdict.
We think Pet Shop Bowl is a great idea ,they offer competitive prices on all of their products as well as a huge range to choose from. Don't forget they also stock products for dog and cats, as well a range of great quality toys, bedding, accessories and grooming products.The Bottomless Bowl feature is a great added bonus and is particularly helpful for people like myself with mobility problems. There company is based on old fashioned morals of great customer service, great prices as well as always wanting to put your pet first. What more could you possibly ask for. There handy app is a great additional to anybody's mobile device, including mine!
Click here to visit Pet Shops Bowl's full range of products.
Jessica and Lottie
We received a box of goodies from Pet Shop Bowl at no charge in exchange for our honest and fair review of their products. All opinions expressed here are our own and truthful!
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