Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tasty Tuesday | Kong Quest Review.

Lottie loves food. What dog doesn't? So for her birthday which was the 12th July I decided that most of her toys would be food orientated as that's what she seemed to like best.

After much debating in our local Pets At Home store I settled for a Kong Quest Bone. We love the Kong brand in this house and Lottie nearly has the full collection. From our experience they are durable, fun and can really come in handy when us humans are not around. Lottie is very used to a stuffed kong either frozen or unfrozen. So when we saw another product that can be filled with treats I just had to buy it. Boy am I glad I did.

Over the weekend we had some really high temperatures with some parts of the UK reaching 30 degrees. Dogs and heat are just not a good combination and Lottie really suffers as the heat rises. Luckily her frozen treats come to rescue and I only have to open the freezer and she knows exactly what she is getting.

On Saturday morning I decided to use Lottie's new Kong Quest to see if it reached up the normal standards we expect. Needless to say it reached them and higher

To fill the Kong Quest I used the wet variety of the food Lottie's normally eat and a few strawberries (Something which Lottie had not tried before). The holes at the end of the bone are surprisingly big and I fitted at least two spoons of food in each one. I popped it in the freezer and waited for it to set.

About two hours later I looked to see if it has frozen, and it had! As soon as I opened the freezer door Lottie came bounding through in excitement. Once I actually had the toy in my hand she rushed outside and waited patiently on her bed until I came through. After I few photos she could finally do the taste test.

Her normal frozen Kong will last her around 20 minutes depending on what we stuff it with. The Kong Quest however lasted her a good 45 minutes and even once it was virtually empty she kept going back to it to empty that tiny little last bit (Something she doesn't do with her normal kong, often there is some still left at the bottom).

As you can see Lottie had great fun with her new Kong toy. It definitely gets 5 out of 5 in our woof rating. It's a great toy with so many advantages it's easy to use, durable, reasonable priced, stimulating and dishwasher safe making cleaning really easy! The only thing I would say is that if you do decide to use wet food or something similar it may be best to give your dog the toy outside as it can become quite messy once the food starts to melt. For an indoor version I would just swap it for dry treats or biscuits.
Jessica and Lottie

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