Saturday, 19 July 2014

Shine On Award!

Wow we have been nominated for our first award! Thank you to the lovely Your Designer Dog and A Spaniels Tails for nominating us you really need to check out their pawsome sites! Lottie and I are so honored to be nominated, it's great to hear how much other people are enjoying reading about our adventures! 

So the rules of the Shine On award are as follows:

  1. Nominate up to 15 bloggers for a Shine On Award, provide links to their blogs, and notify them on their blogs
  2. Visit and thank the blogger that nominated you.
  3. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back
  4. Share 7 random things about yourself.

Here are my seven random facts: 
1. I have a disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bones) it just means my bones break more easily than normal. 
2. Due to my disability I have broken over 100 bones unbelievably that was the total count when I was 13. I'm now 22!
3. I had already chosen Lottie's name before she was even born. 
4. I love peanut butter and it is the only thing I will eat on sandwiches. (Lottie loves it too)
5. Lottie is my first dog but I have had lots of other furry friends including 2 rabbits 3 birds 2 hamsters and a Chinchilla called Holly who is still living at the age of 18. 
6. My middle name is Louise (Original I know, blame my parents). 
7. I have a slight obsession with our local Pets at Home store and will normal visit once a week. 
Lottie has so many play toys she even has an indoor and outdoor toy box. 

Now on to the nominations. I really enjoy the following these blogs. They all have such great content and we love finding out what they all get up to in their doggy lives! 
1. Slim Doggy
2. Rubicon Days 
3. Come Wag Along
4. Crazy Dog Life 
5. Spencer the Goldendoodle
6. Confessions Of A Rescue Mom
7. My Kid Has Paws
8. A Spaniel's Tail 
9. My GBGV Life
10. Sassy Schnauzer
11. It's Dog Or Nothing
12. Pawsitively Pets
13. My Brown Newfies

I follow all these fantastic blogs and encourage you to go and visit them too!

Jessica and Lottie 



  1. You're welcome, :-). And funnily enough, I had already chosen Lottie's name too!

  2. Thanks for passing it on to me! We are honored :) Lots of interesting stuff about you. I think it's very cool that your Chinchilla is so old!

  3. Hi Lottie -- nice to meet you! I am a Westie too. We're so glad we found your blog :)


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