Monday, 14 July 2014

Monday's Mischief | Lottie's Birthday Treats.

This weekend would definitely see Lottie get up to some mischief as it was her birthday. On Saturday Lottie was the BIG 3 (Or 21 in human years). In this household her birthdays are a big event and we make sure she has plenty of fuss and new toys/treats.

It certainly lived up to its expectations and she had a great birthday. We had some lovely friends come over and Lottie was more than happy to see them on her birthday. 

She had lots of new presents which included a Kong Quest Bone, Shake 'a' Fox, 'Hide A Treat' treat ball, rubber stick and a selection of treats.  I will review them all in an upcoming post so be sure to look out for that. 

Here's a message from Lottie:

Hello everybody, I had a pawsome birthday. I got lots of fuss not only from my human but we had more humans over which I loved! They all brought me nice presents and gave me lots of cuddles. Mum says I did spoil myself slightly as I had a bit of a run in with a bird (I did warn them about feeding them in the first place). Mum says the bird was already poorly but once I saw it I finished it off. It's not my fault I was just acting on instinct. I really was very sorry afterwards and me and the humans soon made up. (That sad face works every time!). Thanks to everybody that wished me Happy Birthday on my Facebook page I have such lovely friends. 

I was one spoilt doggy! 

Come on Mum are we done I just wanna play! 

Meet my new friend Mr Fox.

This new treat ball is so much fun. 

Look they even wrap my presents! 

Jessica and Lottie 

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  1. Happy Barkday to you!!! We hope you enjoy all your new pressies! That fox looks very cool!

  2. What pawsome birthday loot! :)


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