Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Training Tips Tuesday BlogHop: Fetch my...

I don't hide the fact that I was a very nieve dog owner before I got Lottie. I had no idea just how big the dog world was and what amazing things dogs could help people to achieve. This has certainly changed now!

You guys all know my love for clicker training and Lottie and I are working on a few new tricks at the moment both for fun and also to help me practically. Here's our most recent one which we are both very proud of.


What trick or behavior has your dog learnt recently?

Jessica and Lottie. 

This post is part of the Training Tips Tuesday blog hop, hosted by DOGthusiast and Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs




  1. How cute!!! What a smart girl :) Does she go and fetch other items by name?

  2. We love trick and clicker training! Soon Ruby will be applying for her Intermediate Trick Dog title through Do More With Your Dog. It's a fun way for a reactive girl like her who can't participate in group sports to gain some accolades. Currently we are working on "march" which is a walk forward with alternating front leg lifts - think chorus line kicks!

    Lottie's new trick is sweet and practical!

  3. That's awesome! Now you can teach her to bring you practically anything :)

  4. We are so excited to have you join our Blog Hop!
    Great job with the slippers fetching Lottie!
    We're working on a variety of things, but here's just a bit about each one's trick in training: Bella is working on holding a variety of items in her mouth; Terra is working on holding items using her paws; and Kronos is working on a rebound.
    Keep up the great work with Lottie! =)


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