Sunday, 15 June 2014

Black & White Sunday - The bear necessities.

Yesterday I told you guys about my new discovery. Those furry fluffy things that don't move. Well guess what? Once you get to know those funny little guys they ain't actually that bad. One has now become my new best buddy which I now take everywhere. I especially like to sleep with him he's great to cuddle up to and if he takes up too much room of MY bed I just pick him up and throw him out.(He cant feel it anyways he's stuffed, remember!). I decided to call him Ted (Original I know!).

So a message to all my doggy friends, if your human buys you a bear don't despair. Give it a quick once over and then put him under your wing and call him your best friend for life.

Does your dog have a favourite bear?

Lottie (and Jessica, unfortunately mum still had to be involved in this post as I have trouble with the keyboard keys, I really do wish they made them bigger!).

We’re taking part in the Black and White Sunday blog hop kindly hosted by Dachshund               Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever



  1. Wilhelm has a stuffed friend like that Lottie. His was a gift from his very bestest 6 year old human friend in the whole wide world. Wilhelm's stuffed friend is not a bear... I think the kids call them ugly dolls. But Wilhelm does not think his stuffed friend is ugly, it smells like his bestest 6 year old human friend, it is very soft and just right for a pillow!

  2. Cute cute photos. Stuffed toys are the best.

  3. I collected teddy bears until I was running out of room. Bentley likes stuffed bears, but Pierre will kill them. Enjoy snuggling!

  4. SWEET! not a bear but Sugar's loves toys that are soft (she's not a chewer). Sugar got several napping buddies. Enjoy your Sunday. Golden Woofs

  5. What a sweet friend!! Shiner does not have a bear. I am afraid that if she did, he would be destroyed in seconds :)

  6. Awwwe…that is too cute! We don't have any bears because we would destroy them!


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