Sunday, 22 June 2014

Black and White Sunday: The Best of Friends.

Yesterday we had some lovely friends come over for the day, Ash and Dawn. I have known Ash for as long as I can remember as we first met at school. He has always been there for me through thick and thin. Dawn is Ashley's mum who gets on great with my mum and they normally go out and do something together when they come across.

Ash hasn't seen Lottie since before my surgery and so its been about 4 weeks since their last encounter. Needless to say Lottie was more than excited to see her best friend. Once the pair of them met for the first time (which seems likes ages ago now) there was an instant connection and from that day forward they have always been the best of friends. She loves it when Ash comes over as she knows she can get away with murder and he also gives her little tit bits which she loves even more!

As soon as they arrived. Lottie couldn't wait for Ash to sit down for cuddles as you can see she has plenty.

Does your dog have a best friend apart from you?
Jessica and Lottie (And Ash)
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  1. Shiner does look my brother A LOT! She always likes her grandma pretty good.

  2. Went and liked your Facebook page! You are VERY close to your desired amount - cool! I do indeed have a best friend other then my Momma, and no it's not my Poppa! It's my Poppa's brother (my uncle?) Steve!


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