Monday, 30 June 2014

Monday's Mischief | Watch out there's bird poop about!

Most of my day consists of me been on bird control. Those silly humans in our household decided to not only just feed me, but the birds as well! I am thoroughly disgusted at this. I mean I'm the only one who should get the attention!

To show my disapproval of the situation, I got up to yet more mischief.

Birds poop it's not something I have made up, it's just a fact of life. If any of you furry friends are like me. I love nothing more than rolling in something really smelly. I don't get the chance very often, but boy when I do I make sure I do a really good job.

Mum let me out for my normal morning toilet routine and there it was lying on the ground right within my reach. I just couldn't resist myself and walked right up to it, turned over and rolled around like a silly little puppy , like we do when we get on new grass.

When mum returned to call me back inside, it didn't take her long to notice the big streak of smelly stuff down one side.

Oh no, I think she noticed! 

She was very mad, and even mentioned the that dreaded B word. I was taken straight into the bathroom and the water was run. Oh no, what happened next was inevitable, I was given a bath and maybe even worse mum had to use that loud hot thing that drys my fur.

Mum there must be another way! 

Please don't tell me I look like a drownded rat! 

Just when I thought it was all over, I still need to be dried! 

All clean now. 

I can't believe I got in to so much trouble for this mischief. I mean if Mum decides to feed the birds she has to face the consequences. It wasn't MY idea to feed them pesty little things that I'm normally making sure don't invade MY garden.

Has anybody else been naughty in the garden this week?

Lottie (And Jessica as she had to help me type this, I really do wish they would make them keys bigger!)

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Disability Awareness Series Part 3 I bet your never thought of this?

I hope so far in this disability awareness series I have given you more of an insight into what it's really like to be a disabled dog owner.

I want to share with you a few problems that I soon faced that altered the dynamics of owning Lottie due to my disability.

I know I have let you guys know about this before but all my childhood life all I wanted was a dog. Due to long hospital stays this simply wasn't possible. However on my 18th birthday I told my mum I had saved the money for a Westie puppy and had booked an appointment for a viewing that afternoon.

Having an accessible bungalow you sometimes forget all others are not so wheelchair friendly! Once she knew about the appointment she agreed that we could go to have a look but didn't promise anything. I already had the address but stupidly had glanced over the fact that in the address it stated it was a farm! A farm and a wheelchair hardly go together well. Unfortunately I didn't realise this until we got their, however I was that determined to see Lottie's mum who was pregnant at that point. We all teamed together and I did get to see Lottie's mum and I'm pretty sure you're all aware of the result of our first visit.

This is my 18th Birthday. Lottie is just 8 weeks old! 

This is just one of the first small things that altered dog ownership for me, normally the first meeting would be something many of you don't even give a second thought to. For us this was certainly not the case!

I remember a very important statement that my Grandma made before we even collected Lottie, "Dogs normally attach to one family member more than others, its normally the person who feeds the dog".

In our household dog ownership would involve two people. Me and Mum, after the statement my grandma had made panic struck, what about when I was poorly from a fracture, or I was recovering from surgery. Would the dog I had brought to bring so much joy to MY life, be attached to my mum instead. As far as feeding we were using a baby gate when we first brought Lottie home, one I couldn't get my wheelchair over so yet another small obstacle that meant I couldn't 'bond' with Lottie.

It a strange thing to say but I feel that being in a wheelchair actually brought me and Lottie closer together, because each small little issue we faced took so much hard work, there was no way the two of us could not be bonded. Needless to say we the best of friends and actually Lottie responses more to me than my mum. (Don't let her know I told you guys that).

We clearly have no bonding issues now! 

Dog walking is something so many dog owners take for granted. I have been in a wheelchair all my life so am extremely used to managing to push with one hand (and not go around in circles!) when carrying shopping etc. So walking Lottie would be easy right! Wrong, this was more of the reality I faced. I had a very excitable little puppy on the end of the leash. I was trying to juggle holding the clicker in one hand (I was teaching walking to heal), the lead in another, managing treats. and making sure most importantly I was training Lottie correctly and push my wheelchair. I know us women are the masters of multitasking but this was pushing that fact to the limit! I had many walks with Lottie where I thought we would never get their and walks on our own were definitely off the cards for a while! I was however determined this wasn't going to stop us and persisted and I got involved in as many of Lottie's walks as possible. About 6 months later Lottie was beginning to calm down and also the clicker training was well embedded. One day I just decided  "OK today I'm going to take Lottie for a short walk on my own". We only went around our cu-de-sac but it was one of the best decisions I ever made. On our own we learnt to work together and found ways to adapt our walks, we gradually built up the distance which is where I actually started to enjoy walks with Lottie instead of the dread and fear I felt before. We overcome this obstacle and now our walks are exactly the same as yours!

This may look easy, but it took months of hard work! 

These are just two of the small problems I faced once Lottie came home. I will share a few more in the next part of this series. I really want to stress that the aim of this series is not for you to feel sorry for me due to these issues. It's about raising awareness of how a disability can impact so much on a persons life not only in terms of  health issues but simple tasks such as bonding with your new puppy and the simple task of dog walking are such a big milestone.

Jessica and Lottie

If you guys missed part 1 and 2 of my Disability Awareness Series the link to those posts are below. Be sure to give them a read too!

Part 1 - Disability Awareness Series Part 1 | Thursdays Barks and Btyes | Such a precious game of fetch.

Part 2 - Disability Awareness Series Part 2 | Thank you Mum, three little words that mean so much! - National Carer's Week 9-15th June, are you aware?

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wordless Wednesay | Not sure if I have a dog or a meerkat!

Jessica and Lottie

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Training Tips Tuesday BlogHop: Fetch my...

I don't hide the fact that I was a very nieve dog owner before I got Lottie. I had no idea just how big the dog world was and what amazing things dogs could help people to achieve. This has certainly changed now!

You guys all know my love for clicker training and Lottie and I are working on a few new tricks at the moment both for fun and also to help me practically. Here's our most recent one which we are both very proud of.


What trick or behavior has your dog learnt recently?

Jessica and Lottie. 

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Monday Mischief: Birds Eye View

Right on cue, yet again. Lottie got up to some mischief today. I'm sure she must be psychic and knows about this blog hop.

I have felt a little better today and managed to sit outside in my wheelchair for half an hour for an ice cream. During that time I was able to have Lottie on my knee as she cant hurt my scar whilst I'm in my wheelchair. As most of you will of gathered she was extremely pleased about this.

I was sitting right next to our patio table and the next thing I know she had crept onto the table and
was using it to get a better view of our garden.


Of course I was not impressed and told her to get off (Once I had taken a photo). She knew she had done wrong because she sat beside me for the rest of the time I was outside. Next time I go outside our cuddles will be nowhere our patio table!

Jessica and Lottie 

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Black and White Sunday: The Best of Friends.

Yesterday we had some lovely friends come over for the day, Ash and Dawn. I have known Ash for as long as I can remember as we first met at school. He has always been there for me through thick and thin. Dawn is Ashley's mum who gets on great with my mum and they normally go out and do something together when they come across.

Ash hasn't seen Lottie since before my surgery and so its been about 4 weeks since their last encounter. Needless to say Lottie was more than excited to see her best friend. Once the pair of them met for the first time (which seems likes ages ago now) there was an instant connection and from that day forward they have always been the best of friends. She loves it when Ash comes over as she knows she can get away with murder and he also gives her little tit bits which she loves even more!

As soon as they arrived. Lottie couldn't wait for Ash to sit down for cuddles as you can see she has plenty.

Does your dog have a best friend apart from you?
Jessica and Lottie (And Ash)
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Friday, 20 June 2014

Disability Awareness Series Part 2 | Thank you Mum, three little words that mean so much! - National Carer's Week 9-15th June, are you aware?

Last week was Carer's Week which aims to raise awareness of the brilliant work thousands of carers do a week and also reach out to those thousands of carers in the UK who are currently missing out on services and support they are entitled to. 

Now I know I'm a tad late with this post, but things have been pretty hectic due to my operation. The aim of this post is I just want to give you guys a bit more of an insight into my life and also the amazing love and support my mum has given me over the years. 

The two most important people in my life! 

My mums pregnancy was definitely not a smooth one and she had trouble right from the start. Tests were done for Downs syndrome which came back negative and the doctors left it at that. My mum had a planned caesarean section due to high blood pressure and I was in the breach position, but as far as my mum and dad were concerned I was going to be a healthy baby. So when I was actually born my mum had no idea I had Osteogenesis Imperfecta (maybe even more scary was that even the doctors didn't know). After many tests and x rays and advice from a specialist hospital in London I was finally diagnosed at about one week old. 

Imagine leaving hospital with a baby with a rare disability and having no idea how to look after me! Luckily she had a lot of support from the Brittle Bones Society and soon learnt how to cope. Since the day I came home my mum has always done the best for me.

So many people think of carers and automatically think of somebody that helps them with personal care or helping some elderly lady with her shopping and I know this is some the case for some people. This is so not the only image I would like to portray of carers. My mum is my full time carer and although she does help me with those things when needed (like at the moment due to my operation) she does so much more.

There has been a lot of dedication and hard work right from the start from my mum. When I was little there was very much a big emphasis on physio and every week mum would take me to hydrotherapy to try and get my legs moving so I would be able to stand.Then there have always been the constant hospital appointments including many tests. Then deciding what IV drugs I should take, which a lot of the time are not licensed for OI so the doctors are not fully certain of long term side effects in adulthood, I can't even imagine how hard those choices must of been!  Not to mention the several major orthopaedic operations I have had. Imagine saying goodbye to a 3 year old child in an anesthetic room not knowing what would be the final results. That's what I call being a carer, the things most 'normal' mums don't experience and that's why I class my mum as a carer! A carer isn't just somebody who helps you gets dressed or helps gets a few groceries it is a life long dedication and that's certainly the case in our house!

Without all this help I wouldn't be half the person I am today. Up until I was around 13 I was able to walk with a small walking frame, there again only due to the hard work and dedication my mum had put in. The doctors told my mum not to expect too much as I had one of the more severe types of OI they said I wouldn't be able to sit up on my own, communicate or feed myself as well as so much more. But as a partnership me and mum battled on to prove them all wrong and damn I think we did a good job!

My mum has been the most important person in my life and will be for many years to come. I could never thank her enough for all the help and support she has given me over the years. I think when you have a child with a disability or health problem it changes the relationship and you know longer class your mum as a carer but just as a normal mum that's helps me more than others.

So please give a thought to all those carers who are caring for people right now all across the UK. It isn't a 9-5 job or something you can do when you feel like it or because you want to stay at home. It's one of the most important jobs anybody could ever take on!

This is part of a series of posts I have entitled "What it's really like to be a disabled dog owner". I hope you guys have found this useful. But please on a final note don't feel sorry for me. I'm not ill I have a disability which you can't make better and I don't want to get rid of. My disability is part of me and has made me what I am today without it I just wouldn't be Jessica. Mum always says when they made me they broke the mould, too right!


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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Disability Awareness Series Part 1 | Thursdays Barks and Btyes | Such a precious game of fetch.

Lottie is such a playful little dog and loves nothing better than a game of fetch with her favourite ball.

I had the idea of a dog blog for a while before I started but never had the courage to take the plunge. I wrote an article for a dog's magazine with the angle of how much Lottie had changed my life due to my disability. I then realised I could start a dog blog with the aim off showing of Lottie and combining my disability. I will be doing a series of posts labelled. What it's really like to be a disabled dog owner.

Many of our followers will know I have just had a major orthopeadic operation to replace a tibia nail in my leg. (There will be an upcoming post with more details of this soon). Because of the seriousness of the surgery it means I have a long recovery ahead of me. After my two weeks in hospital I couldn't wait to come home to see Lottie. However this wasn't quite the experience I had envisaged. At the moment I am basically bed/sofa bound and can only spend around half an hour a day in the wheelchair with my leg rest. This means social time with Lottie is very limited.

There is also the huge problem with regards to physical contact with Lottie. Pre-op she is used to cuddles on my knee every night whilst we watch television (after all that's what those human knees are made for!) This is no longer possible at the moment due to the plaster on my leg as it is separated at the knee which leaves my knee scar uncovered! Something Lottie can definitely go no where near! We did however find a way for our important cuddles which you guys will be able to find on our Facebook page.

Yesterday I started to feel a little better and for the first time manged to spend half an hour in my chair. On the plus side for us its summer at the moment and we are having great weather which is ideal for a great game of fetch we even had time for Lottie to practice one of her new tricks of tidying away her toys. She did really well although one ball was more fun to play with than put away!

As you can see Lottie was over the moon that our usual routine had nearly resumed to normal.

Please mum throw it again! 

I really don't want to put this one away, its so fun. 

Look mum I put them all away! 

Head over to our Facebook page to see a video of our first game of fetch in over two weeks! You wont be dissapointed!

Please don't take for granted a game of fetch with your dog (even if he/she doesn't bring it back) as some of us would give anything for that special time!

Jessica and Lottie

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wordless Wednesday | This blogging really does take it out of me, I just need sleep not a full time job!

Jessica and Lottie 

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tasty Tuesday | Low Calorie Tasty Treats For Your Dog Ideal For Clicker Training.

Our household is a big believer in positive training. Clicker training is an essential for me and Lottie and we just wouldn't be the same without it!

For our doggy friends who are not familiar with Clicker Training it is a positive reinforcement based system of training. The essential difference between clicker training and other reward-based training is that your dog is told exactly which behavior earned the reward. This information is taught with a distinct and unique sound, a click, which occurs at the same time as the desired behavior. Every time the click is heard a desired reward is given. This can be in the form of food or your dogs favourite toy.

To provide the distinct click we use a doggy clicker, this is our favourite Clicker.

It does however come with one disadvantage, if your dog is a great toy lover and gets a buzz from suddenly getting their favourite toys after each click that is great. However for us, although Lottie does like her toys and loves a good game of fetch or a play with her squeaker. It just doesn't cut it for her for training. This means that once I click the clicker I need to give her a treat every time. Now our training sessions are short at around 10 -15 minutes. As you can imagine you could easily get through a lot of treats in that time! Because I want to teach Lottie useful tricks so she can help me around the house we normally do around 3 sessions a day!

This is where Coachies come in. I basically came across this magic invention by accident. I was searching one of my favourite online pet stores and in the training section saw these Coachies treats. I decided to click the link to check them out as it promoted them as low fat! I was very wary at first as so many treats state this, when in fact they are no different than most others!

Coachies are a small heart shaped tasty treat which are highly palatable and do not break up in our treat bag. They are oven baked and have no artificial colours, flavours or added sugars which make them perfect for reward based training. Even better they are only one calorie a treat! 

They come in three variety's adult, puppy and natural. Each variety comes in two sizes 75g or 200g. From our local Pets at Home store they are really affordable and a 200g is £4. I feel this is really fairly priced. A 200g bag lasts us at least a month! We use the natural variety as they are chicken which Lottie loves.

Please mum may I have some more? 

You should all check these great treats out and be sure to let us know what you think?

Jessica and Lottie 

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