Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The dreaded V word!

Lottie being a typical Westie, suffers from the common allergies they are prone too. Today was our regular 2 monthly check at the vets. Luckily, up to now she only suffers very mild, with it mainly affecting her pads on her feet, mouth and ears.

We go our local vets which is a short car journey away. I must say  they have always been great with us, I think it really important to have a good relationship with your vet and luckily for us we see the same one each time we visit.

From a very early age I made sure Lottie was comfortable with a trip to the vets, all the staff always make a fuss of her. She's quite content in the waiting room although she's not to sure when it's her time to be seen, but its getting better each time and a few treats normally do the trick!.

As you can see Lottie is always up for a pose for the camera even in the vets!

She also seizes the opportunity to make a few new play mates (Some good has got to come of some bad right?)

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What does your dog think of the dreaded V word?



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  1. I took my foster dog for her first vet visit yesterday. She was worried but very cooperative. I liked the vet associated with the rescue so much that I am considering switching!


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