Monday, 5 May 2014

Please mum may I have some more!

Lottie is very excited, tomorrow she gets a day visit to my grandma's while I am at a hospital appointment all day about my planned operation.

With me not being around in the day Lottie normally gets a special treat in the form of her "Special Kong". We absolutely love Kong and I don't know what I would do without them. It has kept Lottie good on so many occasions.

For any of you guys that are not aware of Kong's (Although I'm sure most of you are) they are a cone shaped dog toy with a hollow center that can be stuffed with yummy treats and frozen if wished.

There are lots of different recipes out there but here are two of mine and Lottie's favorites.

Special Kong - for special occasions and a treat. 

A small amount of peanut butter to plug the end and place on top.
A few dog biscuits crushed.
4 small pieces of cheese.
A few doggy chocolate drops.

I normally layer them in this order and them freeze it. Lottie has a medium Kong so you may need to increase the amounts for a larger one.

Fruit and Veg - The one Lottie has most of the time

A small tin of baby food. (Lottie likes rice pudding best).
Fruit / veg - Lottie's favorites are: carrots, potatoes, sprouts, broccoli, swede, banana, apple and pears.

For this one I place a small amount of baby food at the bottom of the Kong then place the fruit/veg and cover in a generous spoon of baby food with a small dog biscuit pushed in and pop into the freezer overnight.

As you can see Lottie enjoys them very much.

These are just a few of our Kong recipes. What do you guys find the best to stuff your Kong with?



  1. Yummy! Not too much chocolate Lottie, it's poisonous to doggies. Shiner hasn't had a KONG in quite a while. She thinks I need to change that soon.

    1. Don't worry Ann. They are special doggy chocolate drops which I buy from our local pet store. Lottie cannot get enough of them!

  2. We don't use Kongs here because my boys don't know to share nicely, but if we did they would totally be stuffed with peanut butter! -Je


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