Thursday, 22 May 2014

Please do not try this at home!

Lottie wants to warn all of her doggy friends not to try this at home! Here she tells you why...

A big hello to all my doggy friends. Listen up now, what I am about to tell you is really important and please don't make the same mistake I did. The humans have been doing some home improvements in the last few weeks ready for when mum goes in for her surgery. Some don't affect me at all and I let them go about their DIY business as normal. Replaced gravel however, is high on my list of priorities to check out. After all it is the area I use for the toliet. Only the best for me!

They had decided on some lovely plum slate which was a big improvement on the annoying tiny little gravel they had before, getting a piece of that between your pads is honestly worse than stepping on a plug (trust me I know!).

I was let outside for a few minutes while mum cleaned out the Chinchilla, unfortunately she is not by best friend and I can get a bit jealous when she gets all the attention. To make sure they were aware of how disapproving I was of the situation I decided to cause a bit of mischief. Imagine suddenly lying there one minute and the next you see a big black thing crawling across the gravel. I obviously leapt to my feet and went to investigate. The damn thing moved too quick and by the time I got there it had disappeared. I used my amazing sense of smell to see if I could find the little pest. That method failed so I used the only method I had left. I started to dig and knew I would get in big trouble for this, but that annoying part in my brain just took over and I just couldn't stop. I kept thinking to myself I only went to the dog groomers yesterday I am going to need a dreaded bath again, but my paws just kept digging uncontrollably.

This is the result of my moment of madness. Even my little garden friends took a hit! 

Before I could get any further the back door swung open and there stood a very angry mum. She shouted very loudly and I was immediately taken in! Straight into the bathroom and placed in the bath for the inevitable to start!

I really am sorry mum! 

I daren't look!

All clean now. 

That ten minutes of trying to find that pest was definitely not worth it! Mum has been a bit cross with me ever since. A special treat is certainly off the cards for tonight! If any of you get the urge to dig I advise you to take up another sport that is equally satisfying. I find chasing my tail is just as fun and from now on that is what I shall be doing instead.

Why of why did I do it?

Jessica (and Lottie)


  1. Oh no! Those garden creatures look like they were in the way of your wrath! And how cute that your mom has a Chinchilla, I love those!

  2. So much trouble and you never even caught that pest! You should stick to indoor digging like my Sadie does. She likes to dig into the beanbag chair because it squishes in and feels to her like she's making a real hole. Plus it's much cleaner and as long as it doesn't break, you get in less trouble.

  3. Lottie, digging is what we terriers do best! Your mom cannot be mad at you for trying to keep the garden safe from critters that just don't belong there. Oh dear dawg...and a bath as a result. Ick!
    Try to have a terrierific weekend.

  4. Uh Oh, looks like someone got in a bit of trouble. Don't worry, Mom will be OK now that you are all clean again. You can't even tell you were all dirty anymore! I would stick with your tail if you want to stay on Mom's good side! Have a wonderful weekend :)


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