Monday, 19 May 2014

Mondays mischief - Coming mum...maybe

I hear so many dog owners talk about recall. Many of which end with 'my dog just won't come back so I don't let them off'. This always saddens me so much. 

Lottie's recall was pretty good until I had a hospital stay and off lead exercise didn't happen for a while. When it did resume Lottie had suddenly 'forgot' her recall. 

Now the nice weather has returned. I really want to enjoy seeing Lottie run around the field again. 

After seeking advice from many of our doggy friends, we ventured to the local football field which is a very popular spot for so many dog owners.

I invested in some really yummy treats and was armed with Lottie's 10m tracking line which I decided to use this time. It has been a few months since she was last let free!

Lottie was such a good girl and her recall was great. She came back every time (with a little encouragement). She enjoyed a game of fetch which she just wants to let you know is not just for retriever breeds!

Come on mum throw it again

All ready for home.
We will be doing plenty of practice and I will be sure to let you guys know how we get on.

Does your dog come back when called? 



  1. Great job. I think it is an important skill to work on because even if you aren't comfortable leaving the dog off leash there are times a dog gets out by accident and you want to be sure they will come when called.

  2. Lottie is SO cute! And what a good girl! We have been working on Rita's recall too. We also have a looong lead that we use. Just need to find a good place to practice outside of training class. She can be easily distracted by "scary" things, so we need a nice quiet spot!

  3. Lottie is such a smarty! I love a good game of fetch too; I will bring the ball back I just won't drop it. BOL
    *Cairn cuddles*


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