Friday, 9 May 2014

Get a grip!

It's been delivered!

I arrived home from a shopping trip and there on the door mat was a parcel, I was hoping it would be the Grippy lead I ordered and it was!

Before I even unpacked the shopping I just had to give it a go. I ordered a pink 5 loop 19mm Grippy lead.

The first thing I must say is the delivery service is fantastic I ordered it late on Wednesday night and it was delivered today.

As I have mentioned before I have struggled with so many different types of leads. I normally end up with half of it wrapped around my hand, and the blood supply really feeling the pinch by the time we get home. So I was praying the Grippy lead would answer all my prayers.

And yes, it answers my prayers and so much more! It has a D ring on the end, near the handle so I am able to clip it to my chair meaning I only need to hold one of the loops lower down.

With the lead having 5 loops (they also do a 6 loop option) it means that Lottie can he held at any length along the lead and it's even great for close control.

The material is so soft and won't cause any rubbing on my hand even if Lottie suddenly decides she wants to desperately look at something a few feet away! (Which she often does)

Being the girly girl I am means everything must be pink, and Lottie very much shares this thought too (Pink makes the boys wink, right?). So evidently I ordered the cerise pink option which more than deals with our pink requirement! The colour is so vivid and bright and it even matches her harness to!

In my eyes Grippy leads are an essential for any dog owner but for us they hold that special place, and have solved so many of our dog walking problems. Walks from now on will be a complete pleasure with a Grippy lead in hand!



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  1. That picture is so sweet, you can really see the bond you and Lottie share.


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