Thursday, 15 May 2014

Double Trouble

Lottie gets on with any dog and is always so keen to say hello.

Today Lottie made another new friend which led to a play date!

During our normal morning walk we meet another lovely westie called Jack who had a few years on Lottie at the age of 12.

This let to an invite round to Alan house (Jack's owner) for a lovely cup of tea whilst the dogs played. This is something new for Lottie and me. I don't know how you guys find other dog walkers but for us most of them are happy to stop for a quick hello but usually want to get their walk finished as quickly as possible. There are, however, a select few who are more than happy for a chat which in this case led to a friendship between both the dogs and the humans.

As you can see Lottie had a great time playing, and found lots of new smells to investigate. As well a new lawn to roll on!

Hey let me roll in it too! 

This was originally Lottie 'st treat but she decided that running around was much more fun so Jack seized the opportunity for seconds!

The very handsome Jack

I think it's really important for dogs to socialise and it's always something that has been high on our list of priorities. Far too often we see a lovely dog that doesn't know how to behave around other dogs which causes unnecessary aggression. I do however understand that sometimes this is through no fault of the dog but unfortunately the negative start it had in life.

Lottie has made it quite clear she wants the play date to become a regular thing.

Do you meet up with other dog owners? Are play dates a regular occurrence for you and your dog?




  1. That's how I met my BFF Bentley the Corgi...we were on a walk in the neighborhood when we bumped into them and said hello. Everyone started talking and next thing you know, we were scheduled for play dates. It is so great to have a friend to run around the yard with! I am so happy that you and Lottie found new friends.
    Happy Thursday,

  2. How lovely for Lottie and Jack! That is an immaculate lawn - I almost want to roll on it myself!

  3. Saw your link on Blog Paws. We have regulars we meet up with when we survey the neighborhood. If they are out we stop and sniff, sometimes we play ball if there's time. With two of us we always have a friend to play with though.


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