Sunday, 13 April 2014

Follow my lead

 Leads.. They are an essential for any dog owner, but with so many different types it can sometimes be tricky to choose! For a wheelchair user this decision is even more difficult. Ok, here I have two options I either buy a standard or a short lead. You would think the short would be the best option, however this gives Lottie no freedom to smell the many different new scents a walk can provide. I opt for the standard length and am left with half the lead wrapped around my hand with my fingers blood supply really feeling the strain by the time we return home. It does now however look like my prays are answered, as I have seen advertised a Grippy dog lead. A normal length lead with a difference, it has 5/6 loops along the lead so you can hold it at whatever length you feel most comfortable. I ordered mine today and me and Lottie can't wait until it's delivered. 

Our weekend has been filled with a visit to our local Pets at Home store. These days it's becoming a weekly visit, I just can't seem to get enough of the place or as my mum tells me "you know the products better than the staff who work there". Luckily for me and my bank balance, this visit was a relatively cheap one. Lottie gained a new purple spotty collar which she seems very impressed with, and some new flavoured biscuits which seemed to go down equally as well, if not better. 


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  1. This dog was surely born to be a star of stage and screen! She loves that camera.


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